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Dr. Nearing Ousted
Pennsylvania University Board Dismisses the Wharton Professor.

Special to The New York Times.   

PHILADELPHIA, June 17. — Dr. Scott Nearing, assistant professor of economics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, whose persistent utterances in favor of free speech in defiance of the university Trustees and Faculty have several times caused him trouble, has lost his place. He was notified today that he has been dropped from the payroll.
    None of the Trustees would say for what reason Dr. Nearing had been dismissed. Some of his brother professors and others interested in the conduct of the school will hold a conference today to see if anything can be done toward recalling his dismissal.
    Harrison S. Morris, executor of the Wharton estate, said today that Dr. Nearing was “one of the best loved and best teachers in the University. The University of Pennsylvania,” he said, “is not a free agent. It is supported by great sums appropriated by our corrupt legislators, and it must obey their wishes, which are equivalent to the demands of the great corporations. Dr. Nearing has been dropped by the standpatters of the Board of Trustees.
“My belief is that all the right-minded citizens of the State would rally to the support of the university if it would free itself from an alliance with Penrose, Vere, and McNichol, who control its judgment in a crisis like this when freedom of speech is at stake.


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