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Free Speech Argument for Man Arrested by Comstock

Leonard Abbott, President of the Free Speech League, announced last night that the league proposed to raise a large fund for the defense of William Sanger, and artist of 10 East Fifteenth Street, now awaiting trial in Special Sessions, on a complaint made by Anthony Comstock.

Sanger is the husband of Margaret Sanger, publisher of the Woman Rebel, who is now under a Federal indictment for printing objectionable material in her magazine. Mrs. Sanger, who was formerly a trained nurse, came out in favor of birth control and the restriction of the size of families. After her indictment she went to Europe, leaving two children in the care of her husband here.

An agent of Anthony Comstock called at Mr. Sanger's studio and afterward mad an affidavit that Sanger gave him copies of the forbidden magazine upon his asking for them.

Mr. Abbott said that the case would be contested all the way to the Supreme Court to determine whether the statute under which Sanger was arrested was unconstitutional on the ground that it infringed his right to free speech.


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