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Gift For Chicago University
Miss Helen Culver Presents the Institution with $1,000,000 to be Used for a Special Purpose

Chicago, Dec. 14 — Chicago University was to-day the recipient of another million-dollar gift, the donor being Miss Helen Culver of this city. The conditions of the gift are that it shall be devoted to the increase and spread of knowledge within the field of biological science.

It is proved that the donation shall develop the work now represented in the several biological departments of the university by the extension of the resources; that it shall be applied in part to an inland experimental station and to a marine biological laboratory, and that a part of the instruction supported by the gift shall take the form of University Extension lectures, to be delivered at suitable points on the West Side of Chicago, the lecture to be as free of technicalities as possible and the results of biological research. Especial attention is to be devoted to the advances of science in sanitation and hygiene.

One-half of the sum given may be used for the purpose of purchasing land and for the erection and equipment of buildings. The remainder is to be invested, the income therefrom constituting a fund for the support of research, instruction and publication.

Miss Culver, who is about sixty years old, is a niece of the late Charles J. Hull, from whom she inherited a fortune valued at $6,000,000 consisting largely of property in New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Mr. Hull was for a considerable time a member of the Board of Trustees of the old University of Chicago, and one of the motive prompting the gift by Miss Culver was a desire to honor his memory.


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