New York Times

Buying Off the Heirs

Chicago, May 22. — Miss Helen Culver, heiress to the estate of $3,000,000 of Charles J. Hull, has effected a settlement with about twenty of Mr. Hullís relatives, who were about to file a bill of chancery contesting no claim to the property, real and personal, willed to her by Mr. Hull. Mr. Hullís wife and children had died some years before the will was executed, and his next of kin were the children of his brother, Burdette F. Hull, and his sister, Eunice Naramore, and they received nothing. When it became evident that the will would have to be contested, Miss Culver made a proposition to give them a small part of the property, provided, of course, that the would cease their legal bickering and absolve her entirely from all further demands. Yesterday a jury in Judge Collinís court found the will valid.

Miss Culver has agreed to divide $212, 000 equally among all the heirs, who are Benjamin H. Elvington, A. Lafayette, and Charles W. Hull, Rachel N. Chapman, Ida E. French, Chauncey A., Charles A., Edward H., Frank R., Ida L., Margaret H., and Alma E. Naramore, and Emily A Chapman. Of this amount $62,000 is to be paid June 17, and the balance $150,000 in notes at six, twelve and eighteen months. Miss Culver was Mr. Hullís cousin, and had acted as his housekeeper and business manager for many years.


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