New York Times

Contesting a Millionaire's Will 

Chicago, April 29. — A dozen heirs at law of the recently deceased millionaire, Charles J. Hull, filed a bill in the Circuit Court to-day, which virtually is a contest of a rich manís will. Mr. Hull bequeathed all his estate, nearly four million dollars, to his housekeeper, cousin, and friend, Miss Helen Culver. This action caused great dissatisfactions among the heirs at law, every one of whom was ignored.

The contestants acknowledged in their bill that Miss Culver, who is well advanced in years, is deserving of large compensation for service during the best part of her life as the wealthy gentlemanís business manager and personal attendant. It is contended, however, that the heirs at law should be recognized also. The complainants state that Miss Culver has offered to pay them a considerable sum, but she insists that they bind themselves to receive it as a settlement in full and for minor heirs as well. This being so, they ask the court to adjudicate the whole matter.


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