James Hayden Tufts

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TUFTS, James Hayden, educator, was born at Monson, Hampden co. Mass., about 1858, son of Rev. James and Mary Elizabeth (Warren) Tufts. His earliest American ancestors in any line were Rev. Ralph Wheelock, who emigrated to this country about 1630 and settled at Medbury, Mass.., and Deacon Samuel Chapin, of Springfield, Mass., who came over about the same time. The earliest paternal ancestor, John Tufts, emigrated probably from Londonderry, Ireland, about 1728 and settled at West Brookfield, Mass. From himm and his wife, Agnes Foote, the line of descent runs through their son, William (who served as a private in the French and Indian war and as first lieutenant in the revolution) and is wife, Margaret Browning, and their son James (who graduated at Brown University in 1789 and was pastor of the Congregationalist Church at Wardsboro, Vt., in 1795-1841), and his wife, Submit Hayden, who were Prof. Tuft’s grandparents. His father was graduated at Yale in 1838 and was principal of Monson Academy,

(76) where the sone received his early eduction. He was graduated at Amherst College in 1884, was instructor in mathematics there in 1884-87, and subsequently entered upon a course of study at Yale University, where he received the degree of Ph.D in 1889. In the latter year he became instructor in philosophy in the University of Michigan and held this position until he went to Germany in 1891. He spent that and the following year at the universities of Freiburg and Berlin, and in 1892 the degree of PhD was conferred upon him by the former institution. On his return to America he was appointed assistant professor of philosophy in the University of Chicago, and in 1894 he was advanced to associate professor, which post he still (1901) occupies. Since 1899 he has been dean of the senior colleges. He has published the following works: "Sources and Development of Kant’s Teleology" (1892); "History of Philosophy" translated from the German of Windelband and edited by Prof. Tufts (1893; rev. ed., 1901); "The Individual and His Relation to Society as Reflected in British Ethics" (Part 1, 1898), and a "Text-book on Ethics" with Prof. John Dewey (in press). He contributed articles on aesthetics and the history of philosophy to the "Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology" (1901), and is a contributor to the "Philosophical Review," "American Journal of Psychology," "Journal of Systematic Theology," and other similar publications. He is a member of the American Psychological Association. On Aug. 5., 1891, he was married to Cynthia Hobart, daughter of Augustus G. Whitaker, of Leverett, Mass. They have two children, Irene and James Warren Tufts.


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