Harry Pratt Judson

National Cyclopedia of American Biography

JUDSON, Harry Pratt, educator, was born at Jamestown, N.Y., Dec. 20, 1849, son of Lyman Parsons and Abigail Cook (Pratt) Judson. After taking a preparatory course at Lansingburgh (N. Y.) Academy he entered Williams College, at which he was graduated in 1870. In the same year he accepted a position as a teacher in the high school at Troy, N.Y., subsequently becoming principal, and remaining until 1885, when he was called to the chair of history in the University of Minnesota, also lecturing there on pedagogy in 1886-92. In 1892, he became head professor of political science and dean of the faculties of arts, literature and sciences at the University of Chicago, which position he still occupies. In 1870, he received the degree of A.M. an in 1893 that of D.D. from Williams College. Prof. Judson is co-editor of the "American Historical Review" and author of the following works: "Caesar’s Army" (1885), "Caesar’s Commentaries" (joint editor, 1885); "Europe in the Nineteenth Century" (1894); "Growth of the American Nation" (1895), "Higher Education as a Training for Business," (1896); "Latin-English" (1896); "The Young American" (1897); "Literature Reader" (editor, 1899); and "The Government of Illinois" (1900). He was married, Jan. 4, 1879, to Rebecca Anna, daughter of A. B. Gilbert. The have had two daughters, of whom one, Alice Cleveland Judson, survives.


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