Charles Richmond Henderson

National Cyclopedia of American Biography

HENDERSON, Charles Richmond, clergyman and educator, was born in Covington, Ind., Dec. 17, 1848, son of Albert Henderson and Loraine (Richmond) Henderson. He was graduated A.B. at the University of Chicago in 1870 and he subsequently received the degree of A.M. from that college. He Prepared for the ministry at the Baptist Union Theological Seminary and afterward received the degree of D.D. from that institution. From 1873 and 1882 he was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Terre Haute, Ind.; for the following ten years he had charge of the Woodward Avenue Baptist Church at Detroit, Mich., and since 1892 he has held appointments as professor of sociology in the University of Chicago. He was elected president of the National Conference for Charities and Correction in 1898, and holds membership in the American Economic Association and the American Academy of Political and Social Science. He has been or is trustee or director of several institutions and societies, including the Rose Orphan Home, Association of Charities, and the Home of Industry for Discharged Prisoners. He published works entitled "Introduction to the Study of Dependents, Defectives and Deliquents" in 1893,; "Development of Doctrine in the Epistles (1895); "The Social Spirit in America" (1897); "Social Settlements" and "Social Elements" (1897). He was married in Lafayette, Ind., in 1873, to Ella L. Levering.


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