James Gillespie Blaine

U.S. congressman, senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

Biography in Brief

Born: January 31, 1830 in West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA

Died: January 27, 1893 in Washington, D.C., USA


Political Career

Selected Publications

Characterization of Blaine's contribution

"Blaine, James Gillespie" in Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 3, p 753.

Blaine envisaged a system of inter-American arbitration which might relieve international tensions, prevent future conflict and strengthen the Monroe Doctrine. He also hoped to increase commercial relations between the United States and its southern neighbors and to create a more favourable balance of trade.

Though an ardent protectionist, he nevertheless foresaw that reciprocity was essential to the improvement of trade relations with Latin America. He fought hard to include a reciprocity clause in the high-tariff McKinley bill of 1890. His plea for greater reciprocity was heartily endorsed by midwestern farmers who desired an enlarged market for their produce. Blaine's stand prevented the wholesale defection [from the Republican Party] of the midwestern vote in succeeding elections



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