Letter to the Committee of Fifteen.

Raymond B. Fosdick

May 17, 1917

Mr. Samuel P. Thrasher,
10 South La Salle Street, Chicago Ill.

Dear Mr. Thrasher;

Thank you very much for your letter of May 11th. Needless to say, we are relying upon your organization and on similar organization in the country not only for the continuance of their work, but for its even more active prosecution. It is highly important that all the large cities in the country should be kept clean, no matter whether they are located in the immediate vicinity of training camps or not, because hundreds of thousands of soldiers will be passing through, en route to other points.

Chicago comes under both these heads. That is, it is not only a city in the immediate vicinity of the camps, but it is a city through which many soldiers will pass, and it is doubly important that every effort be taken to keep the city as free from prostitutes as it is human possible.

May I not take this occasion , therefore, to express the earnest hope of this commission that the Committee of Fifteen in Chicago, and all other agencies working in the city for the same end, may put forth doubled efforts in the direction I have indicated.

Yours Very Truly,

Raymond B. Fosdick,


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