Review of Source Book in Anthropology by A.L. Kroeber and T.T. Waterman.

Ellsworth Faris

This excellent volume will place under a debt of gratitude those teachers of sociology who are giving courses in social origins. While the volume is quite manageable, it has more than half the number of pages of Thomas' source book, which it is admirably adapted to supplement. The Preface contains the statement that nothing is included which is available in the source book of Thomas.

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The selections cover a very wide range, beginning with twelve pages from Herodotus, following by a section from Lucretius, and proceeding in an orderly manner to give the student some first-hand source material on geology, biology, inheritance, and the origin and structure of primitive culture. The last four readings give the creation account respectively of the "Maori of New Zealand," the "Maidu of California," the "Tlingit Indians of Alaska," and the "Ancient Hebrews." There are fifty-four selections in all, and the material is made all the more interesting by the use of illustrations which are well selected.

There is a bibliography which gives a carefully chosen annotated list of the best books. This bibliography is classified in two sections, these latter being divided into twenty-four heads. The general reader will find the book interesting.



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