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Williamstown, Mass. Aug. 27 —(AP).— Herbert A. Miller, sociologist of Bryn Mawr college, asserted tonight that Russia has resolved the conflicts of human relationships by substituting communism for religion and equality for nationality.

He predicted the world-wide spread of communism was "inevitable" unless the same problems were solved under other existing systems of government, and declared the soviets envisioned "an ultimate merging of all people into a common culture" with a wholly new and common language.

"In 1935, no aspect of the Russian revolution shows a more complete reversal than in the theory and practice of human relations, or one more significant for the rest of the world. Miller told members of the Institute of Human Relations, meeting here at Williams College under the auspices of the National Conference of Jews and Christians.

Referring to the old Greek Orthodox church, subsidized by the government, Miller said, "What has happened is that communism has been substituted and for the present gives the satisfaction of religion."

"The fact that formal religions have played no genuinely vital part in life explains the ease with which they were placed.


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