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Washington, D.C., Aug. 9. —(AP) — Dismissal of Prof. Herbert A Miller from the faculty of Ohio State university last May was assailed today as unjust by a committee of teachers which investigated the incident.

The committee of the American Association of University Professors said the attitude of the Ohio State board of trustees was a "grave violation of every essential safeguard in preserving freedom of speech and the security of the American professor's tenure of position.

Dr. Miller, well known sociologist, was dismissed after charges of radicalism on social and racial questions. Included were allegations that he had incited the "Hindus to civil disobedience."

The Committee said it had exonerated Dr. Miller of all charges made by the Trustees.

The Complete report of the committee, composed of Profs. A. B. Coble, University of Illinois; A. O. Craven, University of Chicago; J. W. Martin, University of Kentucky, and A. J. Todd of Northwestern university, will be published soon by the association.


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