Chicago Tribune


Columbus, O., May 25.— [Special] — The first reaction coming from the military-drill dissension at the Ohio State university came today when the university came today when the university officials failed to renew the contract of Prof. Herbert A. Miller of the sociology department.

Officials refused to comment on the dismissal. Prof. Miller, except to confirm the action refused to discuss the situation. It is understood further dismissals will follow.

The action of the board of trustees came immediately after the row over optional military training. Prof. Miller was one of the leaders of the opponents on the faculty.

Following the dismissal came indications of a fight to the finish between the board and various "liberal" campus figures. Members of the "liberal" bloc were planning a definite protest against the board's actions, including the attempt to further a general resignation of professors from the university. According to members an appeal to the American Association of University has been drafted and will be ready for submission immediately.

Prof. Miller was educated at the University of Chicago, and he holds degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard. He is a native of Tuftonboro, N.H.


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