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Burnham Included in Territory Marked Out by State

All of Chicago and the townships of Thornton, Worth, Bremen, and Bloom in Cook county were officially proclaimed as "the Chicago Military zone health district" by Dr. C. St. Clair Drake, state director, department of public health, last night. He announced that at once a force of state detectives will take the field and that the state will take over the enforcement of vice regulations where local authorities are found lax in their duties.

Not only the "white light" section of Chicago, but the roadhouse "colony" of Burnham is directly affected by the order creating the zone. Under it resorts where women afflicted with social diseases are found will be placarded and person prohibited from entering or leaving. Victims will be treated in the same manner as those having contagious diseases, and may be quarantined or removed to institutions where they will receive medical care.

State to Keep Control.

The Chicago health department is expected to cooperate fully with the state authorities in enforcing the order. The state, however, will remain in control, the work being delegated to the division of social hygiene to which Dr. Drake yesterday appointed Dr. G. G. Taylor of Elkhart, Ill., as head. A large staff of plain clothes men, women investigators, examining physicians, and dispensary assistants will be employed at one by this bureau. Dispensaries will be organized and quantities of salvarsan will be given free where it is needed.

Text of Order

Dr. Drake’s official order creating "The Chicago Military Zone Health District" read:

By virtue of authority conferred upon the state department of public health by an act to create and establish a board of health in the state of Illinois, in force July 1, 1899, as amended July 1, 1907 and by the civil administrative code of Illinois, the area hereinafter specified is hereby created into a military zone health district for the protection of the health and safeguarding against disease among members of the military and naval establishments of the United States and all civilians within such districts.

Health officers, members of local boards of health, and other health authorities are urged promptly and strictly to enforce all national, state and local health regulations, and to take such other measures as may be necessary to protect the health of the people of their respective communities.

Officials Are Warned.

The attention of all public officials is called to the provision of the act above referred to which requires all officers and employés of the state, and of every county, township, city and village, to enforce the rules and regulations of the state department of public health.

The Chicago Military Zone Health District: All of that portion of Cook county embraced within the boundaries of the city of Chicago and the townships of Thornton, Worth, Bremen, and Bloom.

Mayor Gets Second Chance.

Mayor Thompson and Hinton G. Clabaugh, head of the federal bureau of investigation, were given another chance to be present at a joint meeting of prosecuting officials yesterday by Capt. George J. Anderson, the war and navy departments’ official agent who was sent here to help "clean up" the Chicago district. Both receive letters saying the army officer would be pleased to have them name a day when they would be at leisure to attend such a session. A meeting, which had been postponed to accommodate them, was adjourned last Monday because of their absence.

Mr. Clabaugh was reported to be in Washington. The mayor, however, was at the city hall a short time during the afternoon. Interviewers who attempted to get an expression from him gleaned that he "had not a word to say."


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