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Absence of Mayor and Clabaugh from Conference Brings Crisis

The tense situation brought about by the failure of Mayor Thompson and Hinton G. Clabaugh to be present Monday at the conference on vice called by Capt. Anderson, the army vice investigator, became more strained yesterday with the announcement that the joint army and navy board, which adjourned a few days ago, will reconvene this morning to reopen its inquiry.

Some other developments of the day were:

Mayor Thompson was reported to have returned from his pleasure trip down the Mississippi river, but close friends denied knowledge of his whereabouts. As is his custom, he did not appear at the city hall.

Rumors were that a city hall deputation planned to wait upon Gen. Thomas H. Barry, commanding the central division, and insist that the activities of Capt. George J. Anderson of the law enforcement division of the war department be curbed, on the theory that they "are embarrassing the mayor."

Capt. Anderson, his formal letter of introduction from the war and nave departments to the mayor undelivered, dropped from sight last night. Attaches said his return would depend upon word received from Washington on his report regarding the Monday conference, which he declined to proceed with because of the mayorís absence.

Dr. C. St. Clair Drake, director of the state department of public health, made formal announcement of vice zones of from ten to twenty-five miles around Illinois cities and towns having colleges and universities where military instructions are being given. Cook Count, including Chicago, is made a zone in its entirety.

Nave May Send Col. Hatch

Word from Washington last night was that war and navy officials there were considerably "roiled" by the failure of Capt. Anderson to receive proper cooperation. It was said Secretary Daniels may change his mind and send Lieut. Col. Charles B. Hatch, the navyís "clean up" expert, to Chicago. It was learned the navy secretary recalled Col. Hatch after arrangements had been made for him to come here solely at the request of Chairman Fosdick of the Commission on Training Camp Activities, who had asked Capt. Anderson to make the visit and attempt to bring all sides interested in law enforcement together.

Before leaving the city Capt. Anderson said he would probably return if Mayor Thompson found it convenient to attend a meeting of officials, but that he would attend no sessions unless the mayor was present. He said he was here to help and not to criticize, declining to stat what steps the government might take if the city authorities do not handle the situation effectively.

Liquor Dealers Blamed

He expressed extreme disappointment at his ability to obtain cooperation from city authorities in the prosecution of liquor law violators which he had promised to representatives of the liquor interests at his Monday morning conference with them. At that session the liquor dealers had agreed to a stringent program, the carrying out of which, however, was largely dependant upon aide to be obtained from the prosecuting forces.

The establishment of vice zones by the state department of public health is intended as a measure to back up expected action by the federal government to make the control of vice in the state more stringent than ever, officials say. The regulations provide for a complete sanitary inspection by local health authorities in the area.

Vice Zone Districts

The district covered by the regulations as announced by Dr. Drake follow:

Camp Grant, Fort Sheridan, Great Lakes, Lake Forest University, Northwestern university, Mooseheart school, Wheaton college, St Viatorís college, Chanute field, University of Illinois, James Millikan university, Augustana college, Rock Iland arsenal, Hedding college, Knox college, Monmouth college, Lombard college, Camp Herring, Bradley Polytechnical school, Eureka college, Illinois Wesleyan university, Springfield Truck school, Illinois college, Scott field, Lebanon college, and Shurtliffe college.

The Citizenís association, yesterday, through M.E. Greenbaum, president, offered Capt. Anderson its aid either in obtaining legal evidence regarding violations of the law, or in any other manner he may suggest.


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