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War Department’s Expert Reaches Chicago on Morals Mission.

The war department yesterday joined the navy in the investigation of vice and liquor conditions in Chicago and their effect on soldiers and sailors.

Capt. George J. Anderson, representing the department in this matter, arrived in Chicago last night. He is director of the section on vice and liquor control of the commission on training camp activities and is known as the man who "cleaned up" a bad situation on the Mexican border.

He was silent as to his plans and there was no announcement as to whether the war department inquiry will or will not be made independently of the investigation already under way by a board of naval officers under orders from Secretary Daniels. Capt. Anderson was absent from his hotel a part of last evening, and it was suspected that he was looking over Saturday night conditions.

Had Eye on Chicago

At Washington Maj. Bascom Johnson, chief of the law enforcement division of the Fosdick commission, said that active inquiry into the Chicago problem had been contemplated for some time, and that it will be carried out in conjunction with studies made of several other cities.

At the capital it was also said that Secretary Daniels has received a mass of information relating to conditions affecting the welfare of jackies from the Great Lakes Naval Training station and other navy men stationed in Chicago or visiting it frequently. The secretary announced that this data will be turned over to Lieut. Col. Charles B. Hatch of the marine corps in Philadelphia tomorrow and that Col. Hatch will leave immediately for Chicago.

His instructions, it was said, were not only to investigate, but also to "aid in bringing about measures to improve the situation." It is understood that he is authorized to proceed vigorously if he considers it necessary.

Will Attach Social Evil

Speaking upon the medical side of the social problem with problem in reference to the army and navy, Maj. John O. Cobb, in command of the Marine hospital, told the American Association for Physical Research that the government is prepared to wage an unceasing war against the social evil.

He said it would cost no more to wipe out the worst features of the social evil than it costs to "run the war" for one day. He estimated that two-thirds of the immoral women of the country are of the moron type — having the mental development of the normal mind of less than fourteen years. He said that most of them are the offspring of feeble minded parents and said that the prevention of marriage among the mentally deficient would eliminate prostitution.


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