Chicago Tribune


The Juvenile Protective association yesterday joined the Committee of Fifteen in its appeal to the federal government to enforce the anti-vice and anti-liquor laws and regulations in Chicago, which investigations last Sunday indicated were being overlooked by city authorities.

Miss Jessie F. Binford, superintendent for the association, wrote to Secretary of War Baker and Secretary of the Navy Daniels stating that the reports of conditions recently made public by Samuel P. Thrasher, representing the Committee of Fifteen, can be substantiated with conclusive evidence.

"The reports," she wrote, "are amply confirmed by recent investigations by our own officers. These investigations show liquor is being sold in Chicago contrary to city ordinances and state law, that it is being served to men in uniform in violation of federal regulations and that disorderly women are allowed to meet and contaminate soldiers and sailors in the country’s service.

"To permit this situation to continue shows that our local authorities either are grossly incompetent or deliberately inactive. We therefore join in an appeal to the highest authorities for some action that will adequately safeguard our fighting men from the contamination of vice.

"The Juvenile Protective association will be glad to submit additional evidence and details if desired, and we assure you of our willingness to cooperate in any measure inaugurated by you to curb the evils of which we complain."


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