Chicago Tribune

Says Government Can Deal With Conditions if Police Fail.

Samuel P. Thrasher, superintendent of the Committee of Fifteen, yesterday called upon federal government officials to lend a hand in cleaning up vice conditions in Chicago.

Mr. Thrasher yesterday sent communications to Secretary of the Navy Daniels, Secretary of War Baker, and Maj. Bascomb Johnson of the law enforcement division of the Fosdick commission. It was understood that in these he said the moral conditions in Chicago were becoming worse, although he declined to disclose the exact details of the communications.

Finds U. S. Stronger.

"The arm of the federal government in this matter is immensely stronger than the arm of the police department of the city of Chicago," said Mr. Thrasher, "and if the chief of police finds himself handicapped by lack of men, the Committee of Fifteen suggests that it would be an intensely patriotic duty if the chief would appeal to the federal government for aid in carrying out its own program.

"I would like to say, in response to some things that Chief Alcock said, if a mere handful of men under the direction of the Committee of Fifteen can find conditions in one night as our men did, what might reasonably be expected from several thousand policemen if they had ears to hear and eyes to see, and were animated by an intense spirit of patriotism."

Alcock is Silent.

Acting Chief of Police Alcock said he had nothing to say about vice conditions, other than that he called upon all persons having information about violations of the law to see that he received it.


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