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Plot Is Alleged in Dry Cabaret Crusade.

Diseased immoral women are being utilized by anti-Americans to mingle with drafted men and those liable to be called to the colors.

Acting Chief of Police Alcock made this statement yesterday before the city council committee on home defense, which was considering a plan fro curbing "dry" cabarets, which permit dancing and run all night, some even selling liquor without a license.

"I have had information as to diseased women for some time," said the acting chief. "I have no doubt it is true. We have power over places which sell liquor, but we need additional power to control these ‘dry’ places, which run as dance halls and soft drink places."

Committee Senses Peril.

The committee decided the question of the "dry" cabaret was a serious one. The acting chief assigned five detectives to work with the committee.

The committee has in mind the closing of all dance halls or "dry" cabarets at 1 o’clock. This would compel places like Freiberg’s dance hall to observe saloon hours.

"If we can’t do it with an ordinance," said Ald. Joseph O. Kostner, chairman of the committee, "we can ask the government to act on the ground that these places are making undue use of fuel and light."

The committee’s investigation also will include a study of how the anti-cabaret ordinance is working out.

Want Dance Halls Closed at 1 A.M.

Before holding its session the committee visited Samuel Insull, chairman of the State Council of Defense. It was declared at this conference that all dance halls should be closed at 1 o’clock.

Eighty-five saloons were closed yesterday because they failed to renew their liquor licenses. The number of licenses issued so far is 5,433. There will be about 500 fewer saloons this license period than last.

The home defense committee accepted the invitation to see the Palace theatrer’s show, "Doing Our Bit," Friday night in its tour of investigation of summer shows.


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