Chicago Tribune

City Lifts Bar on Permits to Aliens Not Enemies.

Corporation Counsel Ettelson yesterday announced that the new ordinance limiting the issuance of business and occupational licenses to citizens of the United States will not be enforced in its present form.

The measure, designed as a blow to citizens of countries with which the United States is at war, conflicts with a number of international treaties. Gov. Lowden telephoned to Mr. Ettelson that he had received a telegram to this effect from Secretary of State Lansing and later forwarded a copy of the telegram to Mayor Thompson.

After a conference with the mayor, the corporation counsel said the ordinance will be suspended temporarily and that it will not be enforced in any case where it will come in conflict with treaties. It has been estimated that 1,000 saloon licenses are held by aliens. Non of the saloonkeepers will be forced out of business with the opening of the new license period today, although it is expected that a number of Germans may voluntarily close their saloons as an amendment of the ordinance would not save them.


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