Chicago Tribune

More than 300 Women Arrested to Date in Crusade.

Federal and city officials have joined hands for the mightiest cleanup of vice and its resultant diseases in the history of Chicago. The plan is to continue the fight until the city is purged of the immoral element propagating disease.

Every afflicted woman found — and every one arrested will be given physical tests — will be sent to the bridewell for six months’ hospital treatment. Every house where diseases of vice are found — and every hotel — will be placarded as is done in cases of smallpox and other dangerous diseases.

300 Women Arrested

Since the raiding with this end in view was begun night before last nearly 300 women have been arrested. One woman, Mrs. May Weston, 23 years old, of 169 North Campbell avenue, was fined $75 and costs yesterday in Evanston by Justice Boyer. She was accused of accosting jackies on an elevated train.

Michael Toomey of 10 West Twenty-fourth street was held under $1,000 bond yesterday by United States Commissioner Mason. He was charged with signing an express receipt for a quantity of morphine.

Charged with selling liquor to a soldier, O. F. Sylvester of 1903 North Western avenue was held under $3,000 bond. Carlo Camplion, Buffalo New York was held for hearing April 15, charged with failing to return his draft questionnaire.

Held for Sedition

Edward Ehrlick, 40 years old, German of 4710 Grand boulevard, was held by Commissioner Mason under $5,000 bond, charged with seditious utterances. Lars Larsen of 1854 West Thirty-forth street testified that Ehrlick said:

"The United States is foolish to train all these soldiers, because the Germans will beat them when they gat at them. American soldiers never did know how to fight."


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