Chicago Tribune

New Check on Soldiers Aids in it.

Hinton G. Clabaugh, chief of the bureau of investigation, tightened the federal net on liquor selling to soldiers and sailors and on vice yesterday with the printing of three sets of cards. These will be distributed today to hotelkeepers throughout the five mile zone.

They are:

No. 1 Card which every man in uniform must sign before he can get a room; gives name, rank, organization, station, name and rank of commanding officer, home address and whether married or single.

No. 2. Card giving law governing violations. Every hotel employé must sign the card, an agreement that he is personally responsible if he violates the law.

No. 3. Card to be posted in every hotel room in the five mile zone warning civilians that if they sell or give liquor to soldiers they are liable to $1,000 fine and one year in jail.

The card which every soldier or sailor seeking a room must sign is also certain to be a powerful weapon for the disclosing of any bogus army officers, many of whom have been arrested in Chicago in the last few months.


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