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Vice Zone Couples to Face Punishment by the U.S.

Following the exposure of vice conditions in the Lombard hotel, Wells and Quincy streets, where more than thirty couples, including military officers were taken in a raid, Hinton G. Clabaugh, chief investigator for the department of justice, and Acting Chief of Police Alcock joined yesterday in announcing that all hotels, large and small, in the vice zone, will be under scrutiny.

Big loop hotels, as well as the small ones, have been warned that immorality will meet quick penalty. Not only will proprietors be taken, but the individuals who are caught will be punished by the federal, not the city, government. This was concurred in by District Attorney Clyne.

Twenty-five Men Appear in Court

Twenty-five of the men taken in the Lombard hotel raid conducted by Lieut. Schoemaker on orders from the chiefís office, appeared in Morals court. Three women also appeared. All the rest were represented by attorneys. Each was fined $1 and costs. An army officer, a naval officer and a private soldier, who were taken in the raid were not among those present, but they were fined with the rest. Steven G. Hevighorst, clerk of the hotel, was given a continuance until March 12, M. M. Kennedy, manager and Mrs. C. C. Collins, 80 years old, owner of the hotel are to be tried at the same time.

The close of the prosecution against those taken in the raid will be the last such mild punishment, according to Mr. Clabaugh.

"Donít Register if Not Married."

"Signs will be displayed over the desks of all hotels in the city warning guests not to register as man and wife unless they are married." said Mr. Clabaugh. "With this warning, individuals are taking their chances of heavy penalty."

Mr. Clyne said the plea of prominence of persons will avail nothing if they are arrested under immoral circumstances. He said that hereafter the city courts will not mete out punishment.

Mrs. Cornelia Butler of 4927 South Wabash avenue, Bertha Evans of 2151 West Jackson boulevard, and Rose Inke of 1519 Ogden avenue, are held by the federal authorities.


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