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Sailors Also Will Guard Resorts if They Fail to Close.

Uniform soldiers or sailors under arms may be called upon to enforce the anti-vice zones in Chicago if keepers of disorderly houses and places where women congregate do not take the advice of the war department and clean up on their own motion, it was announced yesterday.

Orders were received in police headquarters to be distributed among the keepers of all disorderly places. Such keepers are advised of the rule prohibiting the operation of illegal places within the anti-vice zones. As a further inducement to obey the law they are informed the if new evidence is obtained of infractions, a soldier will be placed on guard to see that no disorder takes place.

Order to Police

The order was sent out to all police stations last night and communicated to the policemen on the beats. In part it says: "You will notify hotelkeepers, rooming house proprietors, and others (including saloons and cabarets) that future violations of this law will result in the placing of a United Stated soldier or sailor in uniform in from of these places to stop people from entering therein. In other words, there will be a signal to the people that the places in front of which these sailors and soldiers stand are places of immoral character.

As to U. S. Action

The question of closing Chicago saloons within the half mile limit of the training station in Grant Park which would banish all the saloons within the loop district, will be taken up today by the Chicago Anti-Saloon league. United States District Attorney Charles F. Clyne refused to go on record as to the half mile zone law. A decision from Washington is expected soon. Several new search warrants were issued yesterday for raids in the federal vice campaign. Numerous girls captured in raids went before the federal grand jury.


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