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Trapdoor Hides Women Sought in Vice Campaign.

It took the federal government to put out of business the last of the west side vice resorts, known in former years as "Mike De Pike" Heitler’s Curtis street string.

Convicting evidence was obtained yesterday, the authorities claim, when the place of "Emily the Immune" Marshall, at 18 North Curtis street, was raided by the combined forces of the government and the police.

Even after three affidavits as to the character of the place and a description of the inmates had been obtained and the raiding squad, headed by Lieut. Schoemaker, assigned to Hinton G. Clabaugh’s office, had gained entrance, they found only the Marshall woman, busily knitting, and her maid, Rosie, engaged with the family ironing.

Trapdoor Is Found

A tip that other women might be in the basement led the men down stairs. A coal pile surrounded by water was the only thing in sight, but a few minutes work revealed a trapdoor. It was lifter and three young women were found huddled together, standing in six inches of water in a small dugout.

Mrs. Marshall and the other women will be arraigned today in the federal building. Three men who were seen coming from the place earlier in the day also are being held as witnesses.

Maj. Funkhouser, second depute superintendent of police, took the statement of the three men. Capt. Meagher of the Desplaines street police district and Maj. Funkhouser have tried for several years to drive the resort keeper from the west side. She has always escaped conviction or been assessed only light fines in court. She owns the property in which she lives. The woman also has figured with Heitler in a number of police and graft investigations.

Make Second Raid

Federal investigators and police last night raided the Manor hotel, 12 West Van Buren. Daniel Jones was booked as the keeper. Besides Jones three young women were arrested as inmates and three men frequenters were taken into custody as witnesses. The women give their names and occupations as Monta Grant saleslady; Teddy Rice, actress, and Effie Lewis, waitress. Detective Sergeants Meagher and Harold O’Brien led the raiding party.

United States District Attorney Charles F. Clyne, made it plain that the government, in its fight to drive out resorts located within the five mile zone intends to jail professional "steerers" and "lookouts" for immoral places, as well as the keepers and inmates. Mr. Clyne and Mr. Clabaugh issued order to investigators to arrest suspected vice agents, including automobile drivers, on any evidence.

It was stated that all apartments, hotels and lodging houses where sailors and soldiers are permitted to congregate will be visited by federal investigators.

There are now fifty women being held by the government as the result of the vice campaign.


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