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Soldiers and Sailors Among Thirty Arrested

Raiding squads under command of Lieut. William H. Schoemaker arrested more than thirty persons, among them a number of soldiers, in hotels, flats, and saloons Saturday night and Sunday morning. Federal supervision of moral conditions of the loop and other areas within the five mile zone limit of the naval and military posts is believed to have been the cause of the decrease in violations.

Following conferences between Hinton G. Clabaugh, federal investigator; Maj. Funkhouser, and Lieut. Schoemaker, it was decided that where soldiers or sailors or habitual frequenters of disorderly places within the five mile radius are not involved the persons arrested will be prosecuted in the Municipal court rather than held for arraignment before a United States commissioner.

Six Places Raided.

Among the places raided yesterday were the saloon of Patrick Lahey, 2744 Wentworth avenue, where six soldiers from Fort Sheridan were found; a flat at 2108 Gladys avenue, where four sailors were found; Flatiron hotel at Barry avenue and Clark street; Younger hotel, 718 North Clark street; Chandler hotel, 500 North Clark street; Astoria hotel, 1800 Linden avenue.

Seventeen men were taken at the home of Leon Anzelone, 1159 Cambridge avenue, Anzelone being booked as keeper of a gambling house. The police say they found several dice games in progress. William Mulchahy was arrested for keeping his saloon at 4341 South Halstead street open on Sunday.

Police Will Aid U. S.

Reviewing the raids of the last several week, Lieut. Schoemaker said the policy of the vice bureau would be to cooperate to the fullest extent with the federal authorities in the elimination of vicious conditions.

He intimated that the next move would be against cabarets and saloons that have been lax in permitting soldiers to drink or be subjected to moral deterrents.


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