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Secretary Tells U.S. It Can Get "Grist" in Big Loop Places.

Attorneys were retained and money appeared yesterday for the defense of hotelkeepers arrested in the recent government vice raids. When Warren C. Fanes, president of the Chicago Hotel Keepers' association, and Joseph Friedman, treasurer, appeared at the federal building it was reported that the association had come to the rescue of arrested brethren.

Joseph Schneider, proprietor of the West End hotel and the Florence Hotel was arraigned before United States Commissioner Mason. He was taken into custody in a bonding office on orders from Lieut. W. H. Schoemaker after he had appeared there to arrange for bond. Schneider is a brother-in-law of Friedman, manager of the King Edward hotel.

Slap at Big Hotels

Banes, secretary of the association, is manager of the Ontario at 616 North Clark street. With some show of wrath, he declared that "moral conditions" in the smaller hotels, represented by the association, are no worse than in some of the "big rich hotels" downtown.

He advised that if the government would raid these they would also "ga6ther grist." He declared that the campaign was "persecution and not prosecution" and said that if the authorities wanted to "put the little fellows out of business" they had it in their power.

Schneider indignantly denied the report of officers that he had "locked the doors" of the West End hotel and had fled before their coming. He added:

"I haven't got any lock on my doors."

Mrs. Farris Released

Mrs. Dolly Farris, wife of Joseph Farris, manager of the New Central hotel, 35 South Clark street, was released last night under $2,500 bond after two nights in jail. Farris, who, in offering $3,416 cash the night before for his own release, said it was his "last availabe dollar," appeared with $2,500 more in cash to release his wife.


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