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Government Keeps Names Secret Till Warrants Are Served.

Twelve hotel owners were named in federal warrants issues yesterday in the governmentís cleanup of vice conditions in Chicago. The warrants were issued before Lewis F. Mason, United States commissioner. Pending service the identities of those named remains a government secret.

Joseph Schneider, owner of the West Side hotel at 1418 West Madison street, named in a warrant previously issued, was not to be found when deputy marshals appeared. It was said he had received a tip of the coming raid, and warned all guest to leave and had locked his doors.

Gives $3,416 in Cash

Joseph Farris, proprietor of the New Central hotel at 34 South Clark street in the heart of the loop, was arrested by federal officials at the Harrison street police station when he called to give bond in a state case. Brought before United States Commissioner Mason, bond was demanded in sum of $2,500 in the case alleging vice conditions in his hotel and $1,000 on charges of selling liquor without a license. Farris dug up $3,416 in cash, saying it was all the money he had.

This was finally accepted and placed in the hands of the clerk of the court after an attorney appearing for him guaranteed the remainder. When Farris left the commissionerís room city officers were waiting outside for him with a city warrant in another case.

Mrs. Dolly Farris, his wife, was still in jail last night, having failed to assure the $2,500 bond asked when she was locked up day before yesterday.

Purpose of Raids

The wholesale raids, continued last night, are a part of the government campaign to clear a zone of vice with a radius of five miles centering in the loop district. To do this, under the five mile law, the army and navy change rooms in the Northwestern station and the Y.M.C.A. building are interpreted to be military posts.

It was learned through Samuel P. Thrasher, superintendent, that the Committee of Fifteen has tendered his corps of vice investigators to the federal government.

Half a dozen women, held as witnesses, were taken to Waukegan last night and placed in jail for safe keeping. Others were scattered around other jails. Quite a few of them, under questioning by Lieut. William Schoemaker and the bureau of investigation officials, have signed confessions implicating keepers of houses. Government operatives began the investigation of reports that vice conditions have crept into North Chicago almost under the eaves of the Great Lakes Naval Training school.


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