Chicago Tribune

Rooming Houses, Flats, Houses and Hotels Yield 47.

Maj. Funkhouser’s vice raiding squads, under Lieutenant William Schoemaker, swept the city late Saturday night and early yesterday morning and arrested nearly 100 men and women. Flats, hotels, and rooming houses yielded forty-seven prisoners, and the rest were picked up on the street.

At the Dover hotel, 1110 North Clark street, Lieut. Schoemaker dropped in at the head of a squad to let the denizens of his old district know he was still doing business at the old stand. Eleven men and ten women were arrested and George Larson was booked as keeper. No other north side raids were made, however.

A Curious Case

Three women and a man were arrested in an alleged "buffet flat" at 5908 Indiana avenue. Mrs Margaret Donahue was charged with being the keeper. Bonds were promptly furnished for the prisoners, who gave obviously fictitious names. As they turned to go the three women were taken to Second Deputy Funkhouser’s office for questioning, while the man, well dress and middle aged, was allowed to go. The women were released several hours later.

At the Empress hotel, 6239 South Halsted street, three men and three women were arrested and Mollie Breland was booked as keeper.

Mrs. Annette Crane and two men were arrested in a rooming house at 3801 Cottage Grove avenue.

At 3904 Federal street a search of the premises failed to disclose any caller on Hazel Meyers, who was charged with keeping an assignation house.   

On West Side.

On the west side there were raids at 1724 West Monroe street, where Nellie Boland, two other women and a like number of men were arrested and 9 South Laflin street, where May Ryan and five men and five women were caught.

Walter Serdikewizc, owner of a saloon at 8887 South Chicago avenue, and two customers were arrested by the South Chicago police last night, charged with violation of the Sunday closing law.


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