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And 200 More Are Still Running in All Directions.

Warning that "Schoemakerís gone crazy with a hundred squads" sent practically every crooked saloon and disorderly house keeper over the back fence with a detective in hot and relentless pursuit yesterday. When the week-end vice raid closed more than 200 triflers with the moral code were locked up an another 200 still running. The new vice detective bureau opened for business without sending announcements of its forthwith activities. The unit under Second Deputy Funkhouser, has been established in headquarters near the city hall. More than 100 young, enthusiastic and unapproachable young coppers have been placed under command of Lieut. William Schoemaker. The divekeepers simply couldnít make them listen to reason.

McGoverns Caught Twice.

John and William McGovern were caught twice in the same place. The two raids came in such swift succession that the brothers blinked in mute surprise. Since they lost their license they have been conducting a soft drink emporium in the old North Clark street rendezvous. Two unknown detectives declared themselves in on a "tea party." When they started filling small bottles with samples there was a general break for liberty.

John McGovern got away, but "Humpy" Hudson, who manages the hotel upstairs; Mrs. John McGovern, and tow other guests were seized. After these had been locked up there was another raid, and this time John took his medicine. He and his brother were booked on plenty of charges.

Raids in Other Sections

Simultaneous raids were started on the south and west sides. Prisoners were taken in the Ohio hotel, 603 North Clark street, at 839 North Clark street, 719 North Clark street, and others in the north side.

In the Stanton avenue district there was alarm when raiders took people from 3126 Federal street, 2740 Indiana avenue, 2607 South Wabash avenue, 2214 Dearborn street, and some others. Men and women, in addition to the keepers, were locked up.

On of the "Mike de Pike" Heitlerís ancient dens at 31 North Curtis street was raided in the west side roundup. Other arrests were made in 950 Madison street, 1034 Monroe street, 217 North Carpenter street, and in the streets. Detectives of the vice bureau were told to accept solicitations from women and then make arrests.

Headquarters in Stable.

Maj. Funkhouser announced that the work of the vice bureau will now be continued because of the good showing made. Headquarters are situated in a room over the old First precinct stables once used for horse feed. A rheumatic desk, a telephone, and a few chairs is the equipment of the new police unit.

Lieut. Schoemaker said last night his men will not contain themselves to vice investigations, but carry on regular police work whenever they find it, regardless of the district they are in.


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