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Funkhouser Again Given Power to Suppress Resorts.

Beginning tonight, Chicago vice is scheduled for a first class cleaning up, Maj. Funkhouser’s office of second deputy chief of police has been restored to its ancient power. Lieut. William Schoemaker, whose reputation for animosity toward civic uncleanliness has gained him the hatred of the underworld, will go "on the job" at the head of an anti-vice detachment of thirty-one men.

The decision to "pass the buck to Schoemaker" came after a conference of Chief Schuettler with his first and second deputies. The chief is said to have declared himself weary of the constant shifting of the criminal class from one police precinct to another.

Chief’s Philosophy

He is said to have made no charges against police captains, but merely suggested that to chase a pickpocket from one district to another is not relief from crime.

Maj. Funkhouser has been restricted to vice investigation. His men have the power only to find vicious conditions and report them to the captains. If the captains decide not to make raids, nothing happens. It is now proposed to organize a number of small squads of picked men to go into every district of the city, collect their own evidence, make raids irrespective of the captains, and make it generally inconvenient for vice.

Hotels of shady reputation, disorderly houses operating through the influence of friends, and the haunts of criminals will be constantly under the surveillance of the new vice bureau.

Schoemaker’s Reputation

Lieut. Schoemaker, whose name was mentioned several times in the Costello-Healey graft charges as the man who had to be shifted from time to time "because he was too conscientious," has the reputation of being unapproachable by influence.

After being transferred from the Desplaines district he was placed at East Chicago avenue, where he is said to have made of record for thoroughness in raiding hotels of North Clark street.

Maj. Funkhouser would make no statement last night except to say: "I am a military man and I only obey orders. I do not talk."


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