Chicago Tribune


Washington, D.C., Sept. 2 — [Special.] — Federal intervention in pacifist meetings such as Gov. Lowden of Illinois sent state troops to disperse in Chicago today, will not be ordered unless overt acts against the government occur or seditious utterances are made which come within the pale of the new espionage law.

The declaration was made by government officials tonight, who admit that a close watch on all such assemblages as the Chicago meeting is being kept.

Official here applauded the act of Gov. Lowden in moving to disperse meetings within his jurisdiction calculated to inflame the public mind, and it was authoritatively declared that steps would be taken by the federal government to deal rigidly with persons or groups of persons if their acts should be construed as follows:

Condemnation of any act of the president as commander in chief of the army and navy.

Condemnation of any act or order of the government with relation to the conduct of the war.

Inciting interference with mobilization of men selected for the draft army or inducing drafted men to resist conscription.

Giving utterance to treasonable views or to statements that might give aid and comfort to the enemy.


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