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Washington, D. C., Aug. 16 — Secretary Baker has warned the mayors of cities near army training camps or cantonments that they will be held responsible for the maintenance of wholesome moral conditions in their communities. If the desired results cannot be obtained in any other way, the secretary said in a letter to the mayors, he will not hesitate to move camps to other sites.

The mayors were sent copied of laws and regulations governing the camp areas. The five mile zone in which immorality is "strictly to be put down" under the regulations, Mr. Baker says, does not mean that conditions outside that zone are to go unwatched. All evil resorts within easy access of the camps, he declares, must be suppressed.



Rockford, Ill. Aug. 16. — [Special]. City authorities here are vigorously enforcing the army regulation prescribing a five mile "morals zone" around Camp Grand and will continue to do so.

Rockford’s proposition to erect a hotel for families of officers does not meet the approval of the officers’ committee. Chaplain Adams, Capt. Frakes, and Capt. Seadliff, who were here to today, favor the original plan for the erection of 250 small homes near camp. President J. H. Camlin of the chamber of commerce will lay the matter before the local housing committee tomorrow.

Construction officers today announced the camp would be completed and housing for 38,000 men by the middle of October. Thirty per cent of the Illinois quota, or 12, 000 men, will reach here Sept 7.


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