Chicago Tribune


Washington, D.C., July 7. — The mails have been barred to numerous publications for opposition to the war since the espionage act was approved June 14, it was learned today. The latest stop order was issued yesterday against the Appeal to Reason, Socialist weekly, of Girard, Kas.

Among other publications, one or more issues of which have been barred by the postoffice department, are Tom Watson’s Jeffersonian, Georgia; the Four Lights, organ of the Woman’s Peace Party of New York; the Blast, Alexander Berkman’s anarchist periodical, and Mother Earth, Emma Goldman’s mouthpiece.

Almost daily since June 15, according to an official of the department today, some anti-war, Socialist or pacifist publication has been barred for alleged "treasonable" statements.

The penalties in the espionage act have not been invoked in any case, but it is reported that Postmaster General Burleson, Solicitor Demar, and Provost General Crowder have decided upon more stringent action in the future. The maximum penalty is $10,000 fine or twenty years’ imprisonment, or both.


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