Chicago Tribune


Criticisms aimed at President Wilsonís war policy were applauded at a meeting of the "Peopleís Council" in Carl Schurz High School last night, socialism was lauded, the home guard was condemned and plans for a national censorship were decried. Several of the speakers demanded that the United States make public every detail of its peace terms.

Among the speakers were Catharine Waugh McCulluch, Irwin St. John Tucker, and Elizabeth Freeman. Ald. Kennedy presided.

"It is a ghastly horror," cried Mr. Tucker, "to try to force democracy on the people of Europe and not practice it ourselves. The attitude of Secretary Lansing regarding the censorship would make the czar roll over in his cell with mirth. I reverence the American flag. But object to its use in a manner like that of the stick of a hypnotist to still the voice of the people."

This was applauded, and it was about the only reference to the American flag made during the evening.


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