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Appeals to Governor and Lists Resorts Breaking Law

Washington, D.C., June 26 — Sensational charges that naval recruits at the Newport, R.I. training station are exposed to open gambling houses, immoral resorts, and illegal sales of liquor were made by Secretary Daniels today in announcing that he had appealed to Gov. Beeckman.

In response to a preliminary complaint the mayor of Newport made a general denial and declared there was no unusual degree of immorality in the fashionable city.

Sends List of Lawbreakers.

Secretary Daniels said today in announcing his action:

"I have just sent to the governor of Rhode Island a list of some of the most notorious houses of prostitution and open gambling houses in Newport, also calling to his attention to the extent and methods of illegal sale of liquor to sailors and naval reserve recruits, and informing him that the department is ready to furnish him with further specific evidence if the state's own officers do not produce it.

"At Newport and other places are gathered several thousand of the finest youth in the land. I am determined that so far as this department is concerned nothing shall be left undone that is possible to discharge the duty of protecting these lads who have been committed to our care."

Result of Women's Campaign.

Newport, R. I., June 20. — Secretary Daniels' charges that the young men of the navy stationed here were exposed to influences that ought to be removed, brought this comment by Gov. Beeckman:

"The allegations that the naval recruits are exposed to immoral resorts, gambling houses and illegal liquor selling are absolutely ridiculous.


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