Chicago Tribune

Is In ‘People’s Council,’ Miss Addams Admits.

Miss Jane Addams last night that she had become a member of the advisory committee of the People’s council, an organization formed in New York last week following the first conference on "Democracy and Peace Terms."

She said that although she did not attend the conference in New York she had conferred with Louis Lochner, Elizabeth Freeman, and other members of the People’s council group afterward and consented to act in an advisory capacity.

Miss Addams said she does not know what the attitude of the council is on conscription and registration and that she did not care to be interviewed on these subjects at present.

"I do not believe the subject was discussed at the conference in New York," said Miss Addams. "I was attending another meeting at the time, but I have the program and that subject is not listed. I still do not know what the attitude of the council is in regard to conscription and registration."

"Will you say what your own views on the subject are ?" Miss Addams was asked.

"I do not want to be interviewed with regard to conscription and registration," replied Miss Addams.


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