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Correct Error and Move to Stop Secret Service "Depredations."

The "Democracy and Terms of Peace" people who have been meeting in the green room of the Congress hotel every Saturday made a mistake. They freely admitted it yesterday at their new meeting place on the fourth floor of the Men’s City club.

It seems that their welcome to the Russian commissioners, which they resolved last Saturday to send, was addressed to the wrong body. The resolution passed at the previous meeting mentioned the commissioners as arriving at some "Atlantic" port, but the commissioners who the "Terms of Peace" people had in mind are to arrive by way of the Pacific.

Also the men welcomed so cordially last Saturday are said to be commercial minded persons of the "old regime," not connected in any way with the revolutionary movement.

St. John Tucker Explains.

"Of course," said St. John Tucker, who presided at yesterday’s meeting, "the intent of our resolution was perfectly obvious, and when I found out our mistake in the address I took the liberty of changing the wording of it a little. It now reads ‘Whereas, the Russian government has appointed a commission to this government to discuss war aims and policies, etc.’ We may now just leave out the Atlantic and it will be all right, with your approval."

The others approved it and asked W. E. Rodriguez, Socialist alderman, to introduce a resolution into the city council meeting tomorrow providing for a reception committee to greet the members of the Russian provisional government commission. The alderman wouldn’t promise, but it was agreed that some one should do it.

Series of Meetings.

It was announced by Seymour Stedman that there were to be a series of meetings in outlying districts of the city, ending with a big meeting in the Auditorium or the Coliseum some time in July.

They tried to appoint a committee on arrangements for these. Mrs. Jean Ellis Driver declined to serve because she was leaving town; three or four others also were engaged with something else. Finally, they chose three who were not present, Mrs. Eleanor Karsten, Dr. Cornelia De Bey, and the Rev. Fred Moore.

Prof. Robert Morse Lovett moved that the business of the next meeting should be to discuss the "domiciliary visits without warrant of agents of the department of justice." A harrowing tale was told of a young woman who found a strange man in her room rifling her trunk. She thought he was a burglar, but he was a department of justice agent. She was charged with being at the head of a dynamite plot, but all they found in the trunk was a college chemistry course notebook.

The motion was passed.

Arrange More Meetings

It was decided to hold all future Saturday meetings of this "Terms of Peace" group in the rooms of the Men’s City club.

At the Congress hotel the management state that the conference people withdrew of their own free will, and had not been asked to leave the hotel where the meetings on previous Saturdays have been held.


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