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Doctors Will Reach No Final Diagnosis Until Cultures Develop.

It was announced that Miss Jane Addams spent a comparatively comfortable day yesterday at the Presbyterian hospital. It will be some days, however, before it will be known just what course it is necessary for the physicians to take.

Blood cultures have been taken and they will have to be given time to grow before a final decision as to her illness is made. Dr. James B. Herrick said it would be out of the question for her to travel until further examination is made. He said, however, there is no immediate danger. He gave out this statement in the afternoon:

Cause Not Yet Known

"We have finished our diagnosis for today, but have come to no conclusion as to the direct cause of Miss Addams’ illness. We will continue our examinations from day to day and will observe her condition constantly. I cannot say at this time whether an operation will be necessary. Neither can I say how long she will be forced to remain in the hospital."

It was a severe hemorrhage Tuesday morning that sent Miss Addams to the hospital. The physicians have not yet determined whether it came from the bladder or the kidneys.

A rumor spread that she had been operated on the hospital, but her secretary, Dr. Alice Hamilton, declared the rumor was not true.

Taken to Operating Room.

"It arose, probably," said Dr. Hamilton," because she was taken to the operating room of the hospital shortly after her arrival there. X-rays and blood cultures were taken at that time, but there was no operation. In fact, it is not yet known whether or not an operation will be necessary."

Dr. Hamilton said that Miss Addams was resting comfortably and was in no pain during the day.

Miss Addams expressed regret that she was unable to attend the golden jubilee dinner for Mrs Ella Flagg Young last night. She stated also that if she cannot leave on the Ford peace ship on Saturday she will follow the pacifists to Europe on a later boat.

Dr. Herrick was assisted in his diagnosis by Dr. H. L. Kretschmar.


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