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Hull House Head In Hospital and an Operation May Be Necessary.

Miss Jane Addams of Hull house was taken to the Presbyterian hospital yesterday following a sudden attack of illness of an undetermined nature. It is emphasized by her physician that her illness is not dangerous.

It is not known yet whether or not an operation will have to be performed. There will be a consultation at the hospital today to learn what will have to be done.

Miss Addams has given up the trip to Europe with Henry Ford in the interest of peace. She was to have left Chicago tomorrow and to have sailed on Saturday.

The attack came early in the morning and as soon as it was possible she was removed to the hospital.

Illness Came Suddenly

"The illness developed suddenly," said Dr. Alice Hamilton of Hull House, "and a consultation will be held to learn if she has to be operated upon. The doctor will not yet willing to say just what is the matter."

Dr. James B. Herrick of 242 East Walton place is in charge of the case.

"Certain symptoms developed," said Dr. Herrick, "which must be looked into closely. Miss Addams is in the hospital for observation. I do not know yet whether or not she will have to be operated on."

Well on Monday Night

Miss Addams was not ill when she retired Monday night. Mrs. W. I. Thomas of the Woman’s peace party was her guest at Hull house for dinner, and the two women discussed the Ford peace mission. Later they went to a dentist together.

Many of her friends have been anxious about her physical condition, and urged her to give up some of her work in the cause of peace. She refused to listen, however, and was active in every peace movement started.

Her last speech was made Sunday at a meeting of civil service employes at Cohan’s Grand Opera house. She suggested that she knew the general unpopularity of the Ford mission, and after one burst of applause, remarked:

"I thank you for your applause, for after I sail on the Ford ship I probably never shall be applauded again."

She was asked later to interpret this remark and she averted to the criticisms of the Ford project.

Her Relatives Notified

Miss Addams’ nephew, James Weber Linn of the University of Chicago, was at the hospital during the day and her niece, Mrs. Carl Hulbert, was notified of her illness and will return to Chicago today.

The friends of Miss Addams at Hull house are grieved that she had to give up her trip to Europe in behalf of peace. She has not been strong since her illness at Bar Harbor, Me., late last summer when she had bronchial pneumonia.


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