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Pastor Caught in Raid Explains He Was Sleuthing
The Rev. Carl W. Hanson Tells Court He Wanted to Learn "Red Light" Conditions

An unfortunate coincidence," was the explanation given by the Rev. Carl W. Hanson, pastor of the Kedzie Avenue Norwegian M. E. church, for his presence in a disorderly flat at 2242 South Wabash avenue at the particular time it was raided by the police Thursday night. When arraigned in the morals court, the clergyman obtained his discharge by stating he merely had gone on a private sleuthing expedition to satisfy his own mind as to conditions in the old redlight district.

He said he had gone to Wesley hospital with a friend and later happened to be passing the apartment building.

"I had had some experience investigating resorts a as a juvenile officer and superintendent of city missions of the Norwegian-Danish work," he said. "I wanted to see if improved conditions spoken of in newspapers were true. I saw a woman rap three times on the door of the building. I knocked three times and they let me in. Two or three men were in the place and a woman with only a wrapper on. From pictures on the wall and the general surroundings I was sure I was in a disorderly resort.

"I did not sit down or speak to any one. I was standing with my macintosh on my arm, my hat on my head, and my umbrella in my hand and was preparing to back out when the officers entered and placed us all under arrest.

Mrs. Hanson expressed implicit confidence in her husband.

"We have been married twenty-eight years," she said, "and I don't feel it necessary to keep track of all my husband does or where he goes.

One man and a woman arrested at the same time as the minister were fined and six others were discharged.


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