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Miss Jane Addams of Chicago Leads Party; Gets Message from Dutch Queen

New York, April 13. — [Special.] — Miss Jane Addams headed thirty-nine women who sailed today on the Holland-America liner Noordam to attend the women’s international peace convention at The Hague. The white flag of the Woman’s Peace party floated at the masthead by the special permission of the line. It bears the word "Peace" in large blue letters.

Just before the ship left, two hours late because of a hitch in securing clearance papers, a message arrived for Miss Addams from Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. It read:

"If we can be of any service please command us. Wilhelmina."

Miss Addams Not Optimistic

Miss Addams was much impressed with the enthusiastic farewell from some 300 women and a few men. While enthusiastic about the peace conference, she was not over confident of results.

"I cannot say that it will bring immediate peace," she said, "Perhaps we can pave the way for a peace conference later. We can stop the war, and we must, no matter how long it takes."

Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, the English suffragist, returned with the delegation. She has been speaking in this country. Miss Anne Morgan, daughter of the late J. P. Morgan, had engaged passage, but later cancelled it. About half the delegates were suffragists, and many are prominent in club or social service work. Miss Madeline Doty said she expected to ride with her brother, who is driving a Red Cross ambulance in France.

First Delegation at Sea.

The first American delegation of thirty-eight women sailed a few days ago on the liner Frederick VIII. The two parties will meet in Rotterdam. The American delegates are:

New York — Mrs. Frank H. Cothren, Miss Madeline Z. Doty, Miss Mary Chamberlain, Mrs. Mary Heaton Vorse, Mis Alice Carpenter, Miss Leonora O’Reilly, Mis Constance Drexler, Mis Mary Chittenden Percy, Mrs. S. Pollitzer.

Chicago — Miss Jane Addams, Mrs S. P. Breckinridge, Miss Grace Abbott, Dr. Alice Hamilton, Miss Rebecca Shelly, Mrs. W. S. Thomas. [Miss S. P. Breckinridge, Mrs. W. I. Thomas.]

New Jersey — Mrs. M. Reed Cory.

Washington — Mres. Louise F. Post, Mrs. George Rublee, Miss Flora Raymond.

Boston — Mrs. Glendower Evans, Miss Annie E. Molloy.

California — Mrs. Rose Morgan French.

Portland, Ore — Miss Grace De Graff.

Colorado — Mrs. Belle Von Dorn Herbert.

Wisconsin — Miss J. Grace Wales.

Iowa — Miss Anna M. Klinganhagen

Wellesley college — Miss Emily Balch.


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