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Calls Women to Peace Sessions at the Hague.
Miss Jane Addams in East at Request of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Miss Jane Addams is in New York on a mission to interest the women peace advocates of America in a response to a call of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland. The Dutch queen has called an international convention of women of neutral countries to meet at The Hague in April. The exact date of the meeting has not yet been set, but it will probably be held the latter part of the month.

The invitation to American Women came in a cablegram from Amsterdam to Miss Addams as president of the womanís peace party, and Miss Addams will visit New York, Washington, and other cities of the east in selecting the American delegates.

Miss Addams Cables Approval

Miss Addams sent a return telegram to the leaders of the movement in Holland, stating her approval of the plan to discuss means of ending the war and promising the cooperation of the Womanís peace party.

Among those who have consented to attend the convention are Miss Addams and Mrs. John J. White of Washington. Few of the Chicago women interested in the peace movement knew of the plan, as Miss Addams left for the east immediately after receiving the message from Holland to talk the matter over with some of the peace leaders in New York and Washington. She will be gone about ten days, and on her return will go into the matter more fully at home.

It is probable several Chicago women will attend, if it is found that the trip to The Hague is not too dangerous at that time.

Among the Chicago women interested in the effort to end the European war are Mrs. Bertram W. Sippy, Mrs. Alice P. Norton, Mrs. W. I. Thomas, Miss Alice Hamilton, Miss Sophonisba Breckinridge, and Mrs. Martin Schutze.


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