Chicago Tribune

Move to Aid Youth of Englewood

"Englewood is popularly supposed to be an American community," observed Miss Anna Nicholes in a talk before the Englewood Womanís club at a luncheon yesterday, "and yet only one family in six are native born. The community possesses 106 saloons, fifteen dance halls, only seven of which are represented to be in good standing, and forty churches, only one of which is engaged in any specific work for young people. And yet in this Thirty-second ward, comprising the heart of Englewood, one-third of the people are under the age of 21. Twenty-nine nationalities are represented."

The talk was one of many in behalf of the young people of that community. The Englewood Womanís club, reinforced by the Womanís City club, is organized to secure specific benefits for the young people.

They wish among other things to have the Arts building of the Normal school, which will be finished next winter, opened as a social center as well as the seventeen schools, all of which are equipped with swimming pools, gymnasiums and other advantages.

Mrs. W. I. Thomas, Prof. Allan Hoben of the University Extension, and William Owens spoke. Mrs. Francis Emerson presided. The Englewood Womanís club voted $100 to the Juvenile Protective league.


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