Chicago Tribune

Members Realize Postal Decision Puts Them in Bad Legal Position.
Many Copies Sent Before Lot of 800 Was Declared Too Indecent by Department

Postmaster D. A. Campbell has prepared a notice to be sent to members of the Chicago vice commission, containing a copy of an opinion holding the commissionís report unmailable. They will be instructed to call for the 800 or more copies of their report now in the postoffice.

What action will be taken by the commission is to be decided upon at a meeting of that body upon the return from the east of Dean Walter T. Sumner, chairman.

Members Open to Prosecution?

Inasmuch as hundreds of copies of the vice report already have been sent through the malls, the members of the commission are said to have laid themselves open to prosecution. The penalty for this action is imprisonment for five years, or a maximum fine of $5,000, or both.

To Ask Taft for Rehearing

While such action is not certain, it is understood members of the commission realize the position they have been put in by the decision of the postoffice department and will ask President Taft for a rehearing.

The exhibits attached to the report are said to have been considered especially indecent.


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