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Federal Authorities to Return 1,000 Copies to Commission.
Investigators of Underworld Cut Bonds to Politicians

The report of the Chicago vice commission yesterday was barred from the government mails. At almost the same time an application from members of the commission for incorporation as a public body under state laws reached Springfield.

Acting Assistant Attorney General P. V. Keyser at Washington, D. C., handed down the decision excluding the report, which is entitled "The Social Evil in Chicago," from the mails.

The decision was received in Chicago in the afternoon from Washington by Postmaster Campbell. There are 1,000 copies of the report, addressed to sociologists and philanthropic societies throughout the country, held at the local postoffice. They will be returned to the commission. It is reported that the 1,000 booklets have been purchased by John D. Rockefeller Jr. to further the fight on the vice traffic in the United States.

No More Bonds to City Politicians.

The commission, it is said, severed the last threads which bound that body to the city council when it applied for the state incorporation papers.

The incorporators explained that the commission decided on this act to prevent impostors or people have no right to the name from adopting their title. But it became an open secret long ago that the commission wished to free itself entirely from the city council and city politicians and their influence so that it could go ahead with the study of the social evil in Chicago as an unhampered private organization.

Three Sign Application

Dean Walter T. Sumner, head of the vice commission; Edwin W. Sims, United States district attorney; and Attorney P. J. O’Keefe signed the application for incorporation papers which were sent to Springfield.

A committee of the commission is now considering the advisability of announcing to the public at an early date just what the scope and work plan of the commission will be in the future. This committee will report to the full commission in a few days, and it is likely that the announcement of the new Chicago Vice commission will soon follow.


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