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Municipal Commission Members Agree on Essentials
Executive Committee to Hold Meeting Every Day.

An outline for the report of the municipal vice commission was agreed upon last night by the executive committee which met at the Union League club. There has been much discussion in the committee over the form of the recommendations to the council on the subject of legislation.

The reports of the subcommittees on law and legislation were the last to be received by the executive committee, and when they were read, it is reported, that there were some recommendations for drastic legislation which did not meet the approval of the majority of the executive committee.

Prepare Final Report

At last night’s meeting all of the reports of the various subcommittees were considered with a view to arriving at a scheme for a final report, and after much discussion it was decided that with certain minor modifications the report of the committee on law and legislation could be incorporated into the complete report, practically as it stands. The things in this committee’s report, which it is said will be eliminated from the final report, are recommendations for legislation that lawyers have said would not meet the approval of the Supreme court.

General Policy Outlined

The general policy of the executive committee’s report to the commission was outlined and the task of the commission was outlined and the task of coordinating the many reports from and the recommendations of the subcommittees with this general policy was begun. The task, it is said, will occupy the attention of the executive committee for several weeks.

Until the law and legislation committee has completed its report, there will be no meeting of the commission as a body, and for the next two weeks the executive committee will hold meetings nearly every day for the purpose of shaping a report which can be submitted to the commission as the final draft which will probably be sent this month to Mayor Busse and the city council.


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