Chicago Tribune

Two Subcommittees Turn Over Findings to Commission.
Final Conclusion Expected to Be Ready in Two Weeks.

Two more subcommittees of the vice commission submitted their reports at the weekly meeting in the Union League club last evening, and it was announced that the formulation of the final report will be begun in about two weeks.

At the end of that time it is expected the committee report on Chicagos conditions will be ready and the task or coordinating the several sets of findings into a series of conclusions and recommendations may be entered upon.

The two reports most recently approved by the commission were those on moral reform and protection of the child prepared by the committees headed by Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotin and W. W. Hallam respectively.

There will be considered in the preparation of the final recommendations a study of the conditions in about sixty American cities. In about a dozen of these personal investigations have been made by members of the commission. In others the reports of police and health departments and investigations such as that now being made in Chicago have been obtained.

The report of the committee on local conditions now is in the hands of Dean Walter T. Sumner, chairman of the commission. His task is the analysis of the evidence and drafting of conclusions.


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