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Commission Named by Mayor Wants All Interested to Help in Work
Committees Which Have Been Investigating Conditions Will Make Partial Reports

Cooperation by ministers, social reform organizations and other individuals and organizations interested in its work was invited yesterday by the vice commission appointed by Mayor Busse to study the social evil and make recommendations for its regulation and control.

This week, with the exception of tomorrow afternoon, when a meeting of the entire commission will be given over to receiving information and recommendations from persons not connected with the commission but possessing facts and ideas believed of value in its work.

A record of their statements will be made by stenographers so that it can be sent to every member of the commission.

Get Facts on Local Conditions.

During the last week this manner of procuring material has proved valuable to the committee on local conditions composed of Dean Walter T. Sumner, chairman of the commission, Health Commissioner Evans, and District Attorney Sims, who have found it the best method of compiling and correlating material on Chicago vice.

In addition to sending invitations to recognized workers in the field of social reform, members of the commission have requested persons interested in their task to submit their ideas some afternoon during the week at the commission offices in the Fisher building.

At the meeting tomorrow the committee in charge of this local investigation will make an informal report of its progress, as will other committees. This committee thus far has obtained a list of all resorts, saloons, flats, and other places known to the police as harboring women of bad character, and these have been classified according to type will all obtainable details concerning their particular conditions. Some examples of each type have been studied closely as a basis for conclusions concerning the whole class they represent.

To Report on White Slavery

The committee on white slavery, composed of Prof. Graham Taylor, the Rev. Abram Hirschberg, and Prof. Herbert L. Willett, has been inquiring into the methods by which girls and women are brought in to the resorts and the subject of "fake" marriages.

The subject of physical conditions is being covered by a committee composed of Louis E. Schmidt, Dr. W.L. Baum, Dr. James M. Hyde, and Dr. Albert Evers, which is expected to make a preliminary report on the relation of the saloon and dance hall to vice will be made by a committee consisting of Dr. A. W. Harris, the Rev. E. A. Kelly, and Julius Rosenwald.


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